Superman has been soaring for over 75 years and we’re still not done reinventing him. Unfortunately his more recent efforts have done nothing but show that even steel can rust. Even the strongest, most shining things can be corroded, and recent killer Supermen have been more about flaws than flying high. So join us in enjoying a finer age with this Superman comic book collection.


The Kryptonian collection of 96 high grade bronze age comics collects a large number of his most definitive titles, Action Comics and Superman, as well as #1 issues from DC Comics Presents, New Adventures of Superboy, and the historically-motivated World of Krypton. No electric self, no murder, and at no point does his costume look like it’s been made by skinning a thousand dimly-colored snakes. Or if it ever does, it would be because he was struck by Dr Cobra’s evil Ophidianization ray. (Note: there is no such ray, but right now a bronze age author is reading this and kicking himself). This was a time when world-shaking powers were used for petty crimes designed to confuse kids into spending their pocket money.


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