The upcoming Future’s End has been a bit of a mixed message from DC. They destroyed their entire universe to try and bring in new fans, but the main appeal of this storylines’ teasers seems to be bringing back obscure characters. You know, the characters they deliberately wiped out to bring in new fans. New fans who will have no idea why one particular colour scheme of “tough dude with a cape” is meant to be exciting.

Then they confused Free Comic Book Day with a Saw sequel, Future’s End #0 welcoming new readers who just picked up something because it had Superman in it by ripping Superman in half, killing most of his friends, then propping the corpse up on a laser-coatrack so it could kill the rest.

But now they’ve shown us something good. Possibly by mistake. The latest wave of covers shows a set of alternate universes, and while most feature blasted or ruined alternates, Batgirl: Future’s End #1 promises the only thing better than Batgirl: multiple Batgirls, backing up the only thing even better than that, BANEGIRL.


We legitimately can’t wait.

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