The CW’s Flash series seemed doomed before it ever left the starting blocks. Superhero television series have generally suffered from the lack of the budget required to make the effects sufficiently special, hamstrung by having to space out expensively exciting parts with lots of unwanted chatter. Smallville spent a decade showing us somebody who wasn’t really Superman, the Agents of SHIELD says “Rememer those awesome Avengers? Here are other people!”, and Arrow can show as much archery as they want, but it’s still about a bow-wielder who isn’t Legolas or Hawkguy.

The new extended trailer put many of our fears to rest. The Flash looks like a genuinely smart superhero, one who listens to scientists – you know, because he is one – and at no point does he actually stop moving to whine about wanting a normal life/girlfriend/some greater meaning to being awesome. A good sign is establishing STAR labs as a base, but the best one is seen where where they conduct his speed trials (at 2:12 for those who don’t like watching cool videos).

ferrisairFerris Air! The airline owned by everyone’s favorite flier for whom the plane is optional, the latest and greatest Captain Marvel. Just seeing the sign shows that the writers know who their fans are, and the prominent place it takes in the trailer is perfect: fast enough to be missed by most, but making all the difference for those who care about comics. Just like the subject of the show.


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