You can search for individual issues, you can collect complete runs, and now you can buy an entire collectible comic book store in one shot! We’re not even remotely kidding. This collection of 5,805 comic books runs from the 1940s to the 1970s, an entire Olympic podium of ages and enough comics to teach an entire alien planet why we love caped crusaders so much.


We pride ourselves on doing the extra work so that our comic collecting customers don’t have to, never more so than now. Over a year of negotiations went into acquiring this collection, but you can buy it as easily as ever in our comic book auction – and we still offer free US shipping. Yes, even when the collection is large enough to build a small store to start selling itself from.

Whatever you want, this collection is sure to have. Marvel, DC, a gloriously gory collection of pre-code horror comics, more number ones than any band you care to mention, and a few little treasures like the assembly of DC’s superteam in JLA #1 and the resurgence of Marvel’s mutants in X-Men #94. This comic book collection almost literally has it all.

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