With Facebook having such an enormous communities of people, it’s no wonder that the Facebook Marketplace is a natural place to sell a collectible online. After all, chances are if there’s someone out there that wants to buy what you’re selling, they will probably be on Facebook.

Ready to sell some collectibles on Facebook Marketplace? Here are our suggestions to make the process go as easy as possible:

First, Organize Everything You’re Selling

If you have one item you’re selling, this is an easy step. Simply dust it off, make it look presentable and prep it for pictures. But if you have an entire collection of items you’re selling, organizing them is integral to be able to easily catalog and photograph everything so you can clearly portray to potential buyers what’s for sale.

Then Take Pictures Of Everything In Detail

Once everything is organized and you know what you’re selling (and what you’re not), take pictures of everything- no detail is too small. The more pictures, the better. Having multiple angles of each item is important.

Then Post Your Listing On Facebook Marketplace

Now you’re ready to post your listing on Facebook Marketplace! When writing your title and description, be sure to keep your future potential buyers in mind and what they’re most concerned about- price, age, condition, rarity, etc. You’ll want to organize your post as clearly as possible and try to answer any questions you think buyers may have directly in the listing.

Your Work Isn’t Over! Be Sure To Quickly & Thoroughly Answer Questions From Potential Buyers

One big misconception is that the work is done once you press “Submit”, but that’s just not the case. Now you must respond to questions from potential buyers as they come in, and the sooner you respond the better. After all, the saying goes “strike while the iron is hot”, so when you have a potential customer asking questions, don’t make them wait for an answer! Depending on how popular your item is, this could be very time-consuming but hopefully worth it in the end.

Or Just Sell Your Collectibles To Neatstuff Collectibles And Reap All The Benefits!

As you can see, selling your collectibles on Facebook Marketplace can take a lot of time and effort, and may not necessarily pay off. How about instead you sell your collectibles to us at Neatstuff Collectibles and take a lot of the risk out of the equation! You’ll know exactly how much you’ll yield from your sale since there will be no fees involved. You’ll receive all cash on the spot. You’ll have the fastest transaction you’ve ever experienced selling a collectible. And we always try to make a top-dollar offer on items we are interested in. So fill out our seller inquiry form or give us a call at 800-326-7064 and someone will help you start the process!

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