Do you have some GI Joe collectible toys that you’re looking to sell? You’re in luck since there are so many places you could sell your GI Joe toys.

However, where you choose to sell them can determine the type of selling experience you get, such as how fast you can expect the transaction to close, how much money close to fair value you’ll get for them and how much work you’ll have to invest into a successful transaction.

If you want to sell your GI Joe toys for the absolute best price possible (like most people!), check out these suggestions!

If You’re Up For Investing The Time, eBay Can Be Worthwhile

Selling any collectible on eBay takes a *lot* of time, preparation and patience, and GI Joes are no exception. You need to take pictures of every item you’re selling in as many different angles as possible. Then you need to write a detailed description as if you’re the potential buyers’ eyes and ears since they cannot physically inspect the items themselves. Then you need to wait for the right buyer to come along and answer questions in a timely manner. After all that work, if you’re lucky enough to sell your items, you need to pack and ship them yourselves. Yes, this route may yield a higher selling price than other places, but many people don’t want to invest the time.

If You Have A Large Network On Facebook, Facebook Marketplace Could Work

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to publicize that you’re looking to sell something. If you have a lot of like-minded people in your Facebook network, selling on Facebook may be a great fit. You have the option of making your sale public or private. If you choose to make it public, you’ll reach more people but you also open yourself up to scams and safety concerns. Please take all necessary precautions if you go that route!

If You Know Anyone That May Be Interested, Reach Out Directly To Them

If you know someone who may want to buy what you have, simply reach out to them and ask! Some people don’t feel comfortable being upfront about selling items like this, but it can be a quick and easy way to close the sale. Plus you’re selling to an end-user, so you can usually get closer to the fair value price as opposed to selling to a pawn shop.

How Can You Sell Your GI Joe Toys For Fast Cash?

You’ll need to decide if it’s more important for you to sell your GI Joe toys for the highest price possible, or if it’s more important for you to sell your GI Joe toys for fast for cash. Those two goals are usually at odds with one another.

If you ultimately decide that fast cash is the best option for you at the moment, you’ll instead want to look at places like local collectibles stores and local pawn shops.

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