Do you have some GI Joe collectible toys you’re looking to simply sell as fast as possible to put a little more cash in your pocket?

If selling them fast is what’s important, then you need to carefully consider where and how you’re selling them. Here are some tips from the experts at Neat Stuff Collectibles on how to sell your GI Joe collectible toys for fast cash-

Confirm Speed Is What’s Most Important To You

Our first tip is to really think if speed is the most important factor here. Typically when selling collectibles, there’s a trade-off between speed and selling price- speedier and easy transactions typically yield lower selling prices, and more time-consuming types of transactions lead to higher selling prices. So if you maximize for speed, you’ll be sacrificing selling your GI joes for the highest price possible. This really just comes down to personal preference.

Try Do Determine How Much They’re Worth

The next step is to determine roughly how much your GI joes are worth. Estimating the value of any collectible is difficult, so we’re really just looking for a ballpark estimate at this point. Mostly, this exercise will help you determine the most appropriate options for places to sell your GI Joes.

Consider Your Options For A Fast Sale

Once you have a rough estimate of the value of your GI Joe collectibles and know you simply want to sell them fast, now it’s time to consider your options on places to sell your GI Joe collectible toys for a fast, quick and easy sale. If you don’t believe you’re dealing with extremely valuable collectibles, selling them to your local collectibles store or pawn shop is almost certainly the quickest way to sell them for cash. You can still sell to those places if you’re dealing with more valuable GI Joe collectibles, however it gets to a point where it’s almost not worth it to try and sell them fast. If you happen to know fellow collectors that may be interested, or you’re part of a collectors club where you can announce your item for sale, that could be a quick option, but not everyone has those sorts of connections.

How Can You Sell Your GI Joe Toys For The Highest Price Possible?

As we discussed throughout this article, selling your GI Joe collectibles fast versus selling your GI Joe collectibles for the highest price possible are usually at odds with each other.  You must choose between the two what’s most important to you.

If you ultimately decide that selling your GI Joes at the best price is more important than speed, you’ll want to focus on a few different sales avenue selling directly to another collector such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace and local meetup events.

Or Get The Best Of Both Worlds And Sell Them Directly To Neat Stuff Collectibles!

Don’t want to sacrifice selling your GI Joes for top dollar by trying to sell them quickly? That’s not a concern at all if you sell them directly to us at Neat Stuff Collectibles!

We pride ourselves on offering all-cash top-dollar offers to items we’re interested in, and we pride ourselves on making transactions go fast, quick and easy for everyone.

Interested in selling your GI Joes to us? Give us a call at 800-326-7064 or fill out our seller form and someone will be able to answer all your questions and get the process started!

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  1. I have a number of vintage Fisher Price toys some with original boxes (although boxes are a bit beat). School house, amusement park, Village,
    Airplane, Houseboat. All have pieces and people.

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