Remember Pokemon cards? They were a great game and a great collectible. Chances are if you have any Pokemon cards, you probably have a LOT of Pokemon cards. And they’ve most likely been sitting in your closet.

Decided it’s time to sell them? Here’s our ultimate guide to selling your Pokemon cards, from where, how, who and why. Let’s get started-

First Figure Out How Much They’re Worth

The first step to selling your Pokemon Cards is to determine roughly how much they’re worth. We say “roughly” because there’s really no way to truly determine how much any collectible is worth until it’s actually for sale. The best option is to compare recent sales of similar items to see how much they sold for, and then make small adjustments from there based on condition and quality differences. Good places to look for comparable sales are eBay finished auctions in the advanced search section, local auction houses or past Craigslist postings.

Then Figure Out How Much Time You’re Willing To Commit For The Sale

Deciding where to sell your Pokemon cards is a big decision, and it really comes down to what matters to you most. Do you want the sale to be as fast and easy as possible? Then you should consider selling to a local collectibles store or pawn shop Do you want to make sure you get as much cash as possible for your Pokemon cards? Then you’re going to need to put in a lot of time and effort into selling them online at either eBay or Craigslist without any guarantee of them even selling.

Then Prep For A Successful Transaction

If your Pokemon cards were stored properly — which they should’ve been if you want to get the most money possible from them — then they are all ready to get pictures taken and have a neat list written out for any potential buyers to review the general information. This also makes it very easy to get quotes from multiple places since you have all the necessary information and it won’t take too much extra effort but can yield great returns.

Want The Best Of Both Worlds? Sell Your Pokemon Cards To Neatstuff Collectibles!

Don’t want to sacrifice a fast transaction or a high all-cash offer? Then consider selling your Pokemon cards to Neatstuff Collectibles! We buy millions of dollars worth of collectibles each and every year because we provide top-notch customer service, speedy transactions and top-dollar offers.

Ready to sell? Let us know what you’ve got by giving us a call at 800-326-7064 or filling out our seller inquiry form and we will get back to you shortly!

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