Whenever you want to sell something, Craigslist is probably one of the first online marketplaces that comes to mind. It’s simple and easy. But with such a simple website, it takes a lot of preparation and a lot of luck to sell anything successfully on Craigslist, let alone collectibles.

If you’re looking to get absolute top-dollar for your collectibles and looking for a fast, easy transaction, you should probably consider working with Neat Stuff Collectibles first by filling out our seller form or calling us at 800-326-7064.

If you’re still considering giving Craigslist a shot to sell your collectibles, here are our tips:

Take Good Pictures

Like selling collectibles on eBay, selling collectibles on Craigslist is very visually-driven. There’s even a sorting feature to only view listings with images, which most people click, so if you don’t have images you immediately miss those people. But not only do you need pictures, but you need good pictures with lots of light and from multiple angles.

Competitively Price Your Collectibles

Craigslist buyers are very price sensitive. When most people browse Craigslist, the first filter they use is price, so be sure to offer a low price to get the most exposure. The difference between eBay and Craigslist is that on eBay you want to list the price lower and have the bidders bid the price up, but on Craigslist you want to slightly overprice your product and then provide room for the buyers to negotiate the price down. Just be sure not to overprice your item too much and risk getting no interest. It’s very tricky!

List Your Location But Not Your Address

Craigslist takes no measures to ensure the safety of the transaction– that’s in your hands. So be safe when conducting the transaction. Do not give away any personal information via email, and when you meet in person to conduct the sale, opt for a public place and not your home.

If It Doesn’t Sell, Tweak The Listing And Renew It

If for whatever reason your collectible got no interest, make some changes and relist it, which is as easy as the click of one button. Some things to consider changing are: better pictures, lower price, stronger description.

Be Patient

Finally, be patient! It takes a lot of work to list something for sale online, especially on Craigslist. Give it some time, but if things don’t work out you always have other options, like working with us! You can always give us a call at 800-326-7064 or fill out our seller inquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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