Everyone loves treasure hunts. The thrill of seeking something out and eventually finding it is like no other. That’s why comic collectors enjoy purchasing large lots of comic books – to find those hidden gems.

For that reason, we’re super excited to announce an auction of 7000+ DC comics available for sale!

7000+ ALL DC Comic Lot of (50) Distribution Cases

This auction is for 50 distribution cases of DC comics. Please see the below specs and key issues included in this lot. If you’re interested in bidding on this auction, act fast because bidding closes on Sunday!

Condition: Unread NM/M
Packaging: Sealed
Age: Modern (1992-Present)

Key Issues Included:
Batman three jokers #1
Batman three jokers #2 premium variant
Batman three jokers #3 premium variant
Batman three jokers #3 Jason fabok variant
The other history of the dc universe #1 retailer
Wonder Woman dead earth #4
Joker Harley criminal sanity secret files #1
Harley Quinn and the birds of prey #3
Wonder Woman #765
Dark nights death metal infinite hour exxxtreme #1
DC nation presents DC: future state
Dark nights death metal the multiverse who laughs #1
Batman #102 direct
Punchline #1 open order
Batman #103
John Constantine hellblazer #12
Batman #104
Batman #102 card stock
Wonder Woman #767
Punchline #1 direct
Dark nights death metal #5 spectre
Dark nights death metal tales of the dc universe #1
Dark nights death metal speed metal dc connect #6
Nightwing #74 joker war
Dark nights death metal multiverses end
Justice league endless winter #1
Green lantern season two #7
Harley Quinn #75
Detective comics #1025 joker war
Batman #97 joker war
Batman #96 joker war
Detective comics #1027
Batman beyond #47
Batman the joker war zone #1 Derrick chew variant
Dark nights death metal #4 darkseid card stock
Justice league #52
Strange adventures #6
Rorschach #1
Detective comics #1028 lee bermejo variant
Superman #26
Death metal #5
Death metal robin king #1
Death metal rise of the new god #1
Dceased dead planet #1
Wonder Woman 1984
Catwoman #25
Batman #100
Wonder Woman #762
Detective comics #1027 joker war

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