We all grew up playing with action figure toys. But who would’ve thought those same toys would become such iconic and valuable collectors items? If you want to figure out how much they could be worth – check out this guide on valuing action figure collectibles for sale.

Today we have two amazing auctions of WWF and WWE wrestling action figures up for sale!

Take a look at these two auctions and place your bid soon if you’re interested – both auctions end this Sunday.

Vintage 90’s Hasbro WWF and WWE Undertaker Action Figure For Sale

Condition: Used
Brand: Hasbro
Franchise: WWF
Year Manufactured: 1993
Manufactured From: 1990-1999

Bid now on this amazing Hasbro action figure! Go to auction >>

Huge Lot Of Vintage 90’s WWF and WWE Hasbro Action Figures For Sale

Condition: Used
Brand: Hasbro
Time Period Manufactured: 1990-1999
Characters: Hulk Hogan, Animal, Fork, Rowdy Roddy Piper and more

Bid now on this huge iconic lot of Hasbro action figures! Go to auction >>

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