There are many reasons you may own some Jurassic Park toys. Maybe you’re really into the entire Jurassic Park franchise and you just thought they’d be fun to have around. Maybe you purchased them as a serious investment in valuable collectibles.

Eventually you may want to make room for other toys, or capitalize on the increased value of the toys and you’ve considered selling them. That’s ok!

Here are the best places you should consider selling your Jurassic Park toys:

Local Collectibles Store

If you’re lucky enough to have a quality and knowledgeable collectibles store closeby, that may be a good place to start as collectible stores are some of the best places to sell collectibles locally. There is a downside to selling to some collectible stores though, such as maybe not getting cash on the spot and instead opting for a consignment offer, or not getting as much money for your Jurassic Park toys as you were expecting to get.

Local Pawn Shop

Selling to a pawn shop also has a few unique benefits, mainly that they’re one of the best ways to sell any toy fast and also for cash on the spot. However this convenience comes at a great cost to the overall dollar amount you’ll get for your Jurassic Park toys. For this reason, and this reason alone, most people should avoid pawn shops. However if you’re main objective is for a fast and quick all-cash transaction regardless of if it’s not a great deal, then you could consider it.


Selling collectibles online will in general yield great selling prices, which is the main benefit. However similar to pawn shops, selling online has a trade-off in terms of time necessary. It takes a lot of time, energy and patience to sell collectibles online, and even after making that time investment there’s no guarantee your items will sell. For some people this is a trade-off they are willing to make. That’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself.

Sell Your Jurassic Park Toys To Neatstuff Collectibles!

To get the best of both worlds, consider selling your Jurassic Park toys to Neatstuff Collectibles! We pride ourselves on making top-dollar all-cash offers and ensuring a fast and easy transaction from your perspective. If you have a large enough collection and we’re interested, we may even travel to you to examine everything!

Interested in selling your Jurassic Park toys to us? Fill out our seller inquiry form or call us at 800-326-7064 and someone will be able to help you out!

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