Have you outgrown your childhood toy collection? You know, the one you remember you still even have only when you clean out your basement or closets?

If this is you, it may be time to sell your 80s toy collection. The good news is you can finally free up that space for something else, plus maybe make a lot of money in the process.

Here are our tips and suggestions on places to consider selling those 80s toys:

Garage Sale

Garage sales are a quick way to try and offload some of your unused or unwanted things. The best part is, you just put up a few signs and advertisements and people literally come to you. It does take some prep work, but it’s rather effortless. As far as selling your items, it can really be hit or miss. Same goes for getting good prices for your items– people usually shop garage sales for deals. With that being said, it’s the most social of the options here!

Local Pawn Shop

Not everyone has a pawn shop locally, but if you need to sell something fast, even your valuable toy collectibles, it’s an option. However there are many reasons to avoid selling your toys to a pawn shop. The main reason is you won’t get anywhere close to fair market value for them. But if getting the best price possible isn’t your main goal and all you want to do is sell your toys fast and get some extra cash, then a pawn shop may be a good fit for you to sell your 80s toy collection.

Local Collectibles Store

Collectible stores may be able to give you a better deal for 80s toys than a pawn shop can. Most of the times it will be a cash sale too. However some may want to sell them on consignment for you, which means you won’t get paid until they sell the toys to someone else. While this can mean a higher price for you, if you want cash immediately, this isn’t your best bet. But many times, local collectible shops will buy what you’re looking to sell, and if they don’t, they can point you in the right direction towards someone who will. It’s usually worth reaching out.


Selling toy collectibles online is usually where most people think first, and for good reason– you will most likely get the best selling price possible by selling online. However there are things to consider. First, if you have a massive collection, it may be cost-prohibitive to ship after it’s sold. Additionally, it takes a lot of work to get items listed to sell online, between taking pictures, writing descriptions, answering questions and waiting. And even after all that, there’s no guarantee your items will sell. If you’re main objective is to get the best price possible, then selling online may be an option for you.

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