If you have some collectibles you’re looking to sell, you may get exhausted just from considering all the places you could potentially sell them online. And where you sell your collectibles is an important decision because it will determine how much effort you need to invest in the sale as well as how close your final selling price will come to fair value.

A newcomer in the online marketplace is Facebook Marketplace, and it’s a great place to consider selling your collectibles for a number of reasons:

Similar To Craigslist But More Streamlined

Selling on Facebook Marketplace is similar to selling on Craigslist– there’s no middleman to facilitate the process, success is mainly driven by your immediate geographic location and you simply solicit offers as opposed to some sort of public auction component you’d find at eBay.

Facebook Marketplace Is Newer But It Has A Large Audience

Facebook Marketplace is much newer than Craigslist, but since it’s built on top of the world’s largest social network, it has a wide audience to pull from. Whenever you’re selling something, the larger and more specific audience you can address, the more likely you’ll end up with a successful sale.

Limited Effort Involved Compared To Other Online Marketplaces

Compared to eBay, Facebook Marketplace takes a lot less effort to set up and manage. This is both good and bad. As long as you build your listing with as much information as possible — which is more than the minimum required — you have a decent chance at selling your collectibles successfully on Facebook Marketplace.

…but there are downsides, like

You Must Take Precaution When Finalizing Transactions In Person

Not having an organization between you and the buyer to facilitate the transaction can be a plus because it can allow you to move the process as fast as you want, but it also opens you up to a lot of risk, both financial and physical. Transactions on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace usually take place in-person, which opens up obvious risks. Always take as many precautions as possible when putting yourself in this situation.

You Must Be Available To Answer Questions

Selling any collectible on an online marketplace takes a lot of work not only to get the listing live but to answer questions from prospective buyers quickly and comprehensively enough that they compelled enough to make an offer. If you have very sought after items, this can take up a LOT of time and effort, a lot of which may not even lead to legitimate offers.

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