Whether you’re a beginner collector selling a low-price collectible or an expert collector selling an entire valuable collection, you probably aren’t taking the selling process lightly. You’ve already considered the best place to sell your collectibles as well roughly what your collectibles are worth.

Now it’s time to talk to and eventually negotiate with your potential buyer or buyers.

Here are four questions you should be sure to ask yourself as well as potential buyers to give yourself the best shot possible at a fast, easy and lucrative sale.

What Got You Interested In These Items?

Asking all potential buyers what got them interested in the collectibles you’re selling is a great way to ground the conversation and learn what their motivations are. By learning and processing their own motivations, you can hopefully answer their follow-up questions in a more relevant fashion as well as align incentives as best you can to hopefully close the deal.

In Your Opinion, What Are They Worth?

When starting a conversation with a buyer, depending on where and how you’re selling your collectibles, price may not have been discussed yet. Even if it has, one of the easiest ways to start the financial part of the conversation is asking the potential buyer what they think your items are worth. Hopefully you’ve already gone through the process of trying to value your collectibles, so if the buyer comes back with a very low price you’re already armed with information to justify a much higher price. But if they come back with a higher price than what you initially valued at, you know you may have found the right buyer because they want it enough to offer a premium.

Do You Have Any Concerns That Are Stopping You From Making An Offer?

Sometimes buyers will do anything to potentially offend a seller, so they may not be airing out all of their concerns. By asking them directly if they have any concerns, you’re inviting a more open conversation and giving them the opportunity to share their concerns. In turn, this will give you the opportunity to address them and hopefully find a solution to move past them.

Should You Win, Where Will You Be Shipping These To? (online only)

If you’re selling your collectibles online and having this conversation with potential buyers virtually, you should ask them where they’d want these items shipped should they win. Always be aware of different billing addresses and shipping addresses, and always be aware of international shipments. When scams are involved, the shipping address is usually the first red flag. By having the conversation early, you can scare away scammers.

Before Selling, Always Consult Us At Neatstuff Collectibles First!

Neatstuff Collectibles is one of the largest buyers of collections nationwide because we pride ourselves on top notch customer service. We also make all-cash top-dollar offers on items we want, so be sure to give us a call at 800-326-7064 or fill out our short seller inquiry form prior to selling your collectibles elsewhere. You won’t regret it!

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