It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice collector or a seasoned expert – you probably want to be the best collector you can possibly be.

Being the best collector you can be comes down to many things, but knowing about and utilizing the most impactful tools can get you pretty far. One of the best categories of tools at your disposal is social media.

Here are some ways you can utilize social media to become a better collector.

Expand your network.

Collecting is inherently a social activity, even if it doesn’t seem like it initially. The bigger your network is, the easier certain things will be. You’ll need to interact with others when you want to buy collectibles, sell collectibles, get second opinions, get appraisals, trade collectibles and especially while attending events and expos. The more people you know, the easier and more enjoyable all of those activities will be.

What’s the best way to expand your network? Immediately connect with every single fellow collector you meet on social media. In addition to that, be sure to join some active online collectors groups.

Source and solicit collectibles for sale.

When it comes to selling your collectibles, the more people you know, the better chance you have at finding buyers. When it comes to buying collectibles, the more people in your network who know you’re looking, the better chance you have at learning about collectibles for sale before they officially go up for sale. From just these two reasons alone, it’s worthwhile to expand your collectors network via social media.

Hone your craft, share best practices and keep a pulse on market conditions

By joining some popular and active online collectors groups, you can not only expand your network but you can learn best practices from other fellow collectors. Whether that’s negotiating tactics, tips to find hidden gems, trends in the market or general tips like how to store your collectibles properly so that they retain their value, all of this is normal everyday content in some of these groups. So be sure to join some and learn as much as you can!

Neatstuff Collectibles is here to help you along the way!

No matter where you are in your collectibles journey, Neatstuff Collectibles and our experts on staff are here to help you however we can. Whether you’re looking to buy some collectibles we have for sale at our eBay storefront or are looking to sell your own collectibles for cash to us, let’s chat!

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