Whether you have a Sega console that has been used heavily over the years or you came across a barely used vintage Sega console hiding in storage, you may be wondering how much they’re worth. It’s a good question, because the answer can vary wildly.

So how are you supposed to determine how much your old Sega console and games are worth and if you should consider selling them? Here are our tips:

First, Organize Everything

If you’re looking to sell a bunch of old Sega video games, then it’s going to be a lot easier if everything is organized first so you can catalog everything properly for prospective buyers. This is why it’s so important to store all your collectibles properly.

Then, Determine What Similar Sega Console & Games Sold For

The value of Sega video games and consoles are intangible, therefore the true value is simply what someone else is willing to pay for it. Luckily you can browse eBay’s Advanced Search feature to find completed listings of similar items that sold and see what price they sold at. This is a good baseline for determining how much your Sega console and games are worth.

Then Adjust Your Baseline Value Based On Condition

Not all Sega consoles and video games are equal. Some are in mint condition, some are heavily used. The better condition it’s in, the higher the selling price should be. You’ll need to use your best judgement and adjust your items’ selling price based on the selling price of similar items and their respective conditions.

Consider Consulting An Expert For An Appraisal

It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion on the value of a collectible item, especially if you suspect it’s very valuable. It can be as easy as calling up a local collectible store to see how much they’d pay for it, and could be as complex as bringing it to a professional appraiser to get a determination on price. Even if you end up coming up with a ballpark estimate on your own, double-checking your work with an expert is always a good idea.

Neatstuff Collectibles Is Here To Help

Whether you need to get an expert appraisal on your Sega console and games, or if you’re interested in receiving a cash offer for your items, Neatstuff Collectibles is here for you! Please give us a call at 800-326-7064 or fill out our seller inquiry form and someone can help you out.

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