If you’re looking to purchase entire comic book lots, wow do we have some auctions live for you right now! From full runs to closeout sales from comic book stores, we’ve got it all!

Amazing Spider-Man #300-400 Full Run

First we have a straight run collection of Amazing Spider-Man from issue #300 to #400. This is a fantastic collection with some key issues that will always remain culturally relevant. There’s a total of 101 books ranging in grades from NM- to NM/M. Every book is bagged and boarded. Some key books include:

#300 (1st Venom) NM+

#301 (Classic McFarlane Cover)

#316 (1st Venom Cover)

#361 (1st Carnage) NM

#365 (1st Spider-Man 2099)

#375 (Classic Venom Holofoil Cover)

#328 (End Todd McFarlane)

#324 (Sabretooth)

#344 (1st Cletus Kasady)

#350 (Doom Cover, Anniversary)

21000+ Books From A Store’s Entire Inventory Backstock

Next we’ve got an entire comic book store’s backstock collection that’s been growing for 3 years!

About half of the books are loose, the rest are bagged and boarded. Some boxes are in either alphabetical or chronological order. Roughly 80% of the collection consists of indy books, the rest are evenly split between Marvel and DC. Nearly every book is in near mint or mint condition as they were never read. Some books have multiple copies.

100 Comic Book Lot of VINTAGE Neal Adams

This collection is made up of 100 comic books written or drawn by the great late Neal Adams. The books range in grade from VG to VFNM, and every single one is bagged and boarded.

Some of the key components of this collection are:

Batman #200
Strange Adventures #207
Batman #244
Batman #243
Green Lantern #85
Green Lantern #86
Green Lantern #87
Brave & the Bold #86
Neal Adams covers of: Jimmy Olsen, House of Secrets, Witching Hour, Teen Titans, Spectre, Flash, Aquaman, World’s Finest and Amazing Adventures (Inhumans).

50 Comic Book Lot of MARVEL DC TREASURY

Finally, we have a collection of 50 Marvel comic books ranging in grade from VF- to NM/M, with the average condition being NM. If you’re looking for a high-grade collection, you need to check this one out!

If any of these comic book lots look interesting to you, take a look and place your bids soon – the auctions end this Sunday!

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