Co-Owner of Neat Stuff Collectibles Brian Schutzer was recently quoted on CNBC regarding the new movie “Venom” and how it may impact the overall superhero movie genre.

“Venom” is a new movie produced by Sony and Warner Brothers solely focusing on the supervillian Venom from the Super-Man universe. What’s unique about the film is that it doesn’t include Super-Man at all– it dives deep into Venom’s story, making him the main character and kicking off what Sony hopes is a new genre of supervillian and antihero movies based on the Super-Man universe.

“[Venom] is a villain, but a villain the readers can understand and relate to,” Schutzer said. “A great villain makes a greater hero. And you can argue he helped make Spider-man the biggest comic character today, over Batman and Superman.”

Should “Venom” perform well in the box office, it could spur a large expansion of collectibles from not only the Spider-Man universe but all comic universes. As the general public is introduced to more and more unique supervillians and antiheros they were not familiar with, the demand for these collectibles will rise.

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