It’s official– Jurassic Park has made a huge comeback. Now that it’s back in the limelight of American culture, you may be wondering how valuable those vintage Jurassic Park collectibles are worth.

While you can never be too certain how much any collectible is worth until you actually start soliciting offers, you can develop a pretty strong estimate if you follow these steps:

First, See What Similar Jurassic Park Collectibles Have Sold For

Thanks to eBay’s Advanced Search feature, you can quickly browse for completed listings that received offers, also known as comparables, or “comps”. Since a collectible is only truly worth what someone else is willing to pay for it, what better way than to get real-world data! This is only the first step, but it will get you close to your own Jurassic Park collectibles’ value.

Then, Adjust Up Or Down Based On Condition

One of the biggest determining factors of a collectibles final selling price is the condition that it’s in- the better the condition it’s in the higher selling price, and visa versa. Are your Jurassic Park collectibles in better condition than similar items sold on eBay? Then you can reasonably ask for a higher price. Are your Jurassic Park collectibles in worse condition than the ones sold on eBay that you found? Than unfortunately you may need to expect a lower selling price. This is why it’s so important to store your valuable collectibles properly.

Then Adjust Based On Any Additional Factors

Is your item different in any other way than the “comps” you found? Maybe it’s signed by someone. Maybe it has a treasured history. Maybe it’s getting rarer by the year. These things need to be taken into consideration and advertised to potential sellers.

Getting A Professional Appraisal

Determining the value of your own collectibles is difficult, even after following these steps. And even if you do successfully follow these steps, there’s still a lot of industry experience you need to calculate reasonable valuations of collectibles when adjusting for variables. In both cases, you may want to seek expert advice by getting a professional appraisal, especially if you believe you’re dealing with high-valued items as it’s well-worth the time and money.

Neatstuff Collectibles Is Here To Help!

Whether you need a professional appraisal of your Jurassic Park collectibles or you have already begun soliciting offers, please reach out to us at Neatstuff Collectibles. We pride ourselves on industry-leading customer service and are ready to help with whatever you need. You can reach us at 800-326-7064.

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