Do you have video games lying around that you’ve noticed you haven’t touched in ages? Maybe you purchased a newer version. Maybe you have a different gaming system now. Maybe you simply lost interest. Whatever the reason is for those video games not being used anymore, maybe it’s time to sell them. If it’s not being used, mine as well free up some extra space and put some extra cash in your pocket!

When selling used items lying around your home, most people think about eBay first. While eBay is great, there are some specific things you should know prior to listing your video games on eBay to increase your chances of a safe and successful sale.

Here are some tips for selling your video games on eBay:

First, Calculate That Your Time Is Worth The Effort

Selling on eBay may seem easier than some alternatives like going through the hassle of driving to a store, however there’s still a considerable amount of effort required, especially if you want to sell for the highest price possible. You need to take a lot of pictures and write a detailed description to show potential buyers the condition of your video games, you need to answer questions as quickly as possible, and then you need to ship everything out if you’re lucky enough to find a buyer. After all that, fees are subtracted from the amount you sold your video games for. This may (or may not) still yield more cash than selling elsewhere, but is it worth it? That’s a personal decision and only you can answer that question.

Then Get All The Prep Work Done Upfront

You could easily quit with the whole process before even getting going, so it’s easier to post your listing on eBay only after you’ve compiled everything you need- all the pictures, all your items, and all the pertinent information you’ll include in the description.

Post Your Auction

Once you have all the above information ready to go, sitting down and listing your items on eBay will be a much quicker and less daunting process. The final business decision to make at this point is deciding what price to list your items. Too high and you won’t get any action, too low and you risk selling for less than fair market value. Some quick research to determine the value of your video games will serve you well prior to choosing a price and sending the listing live.

Answer Questions In A Timely Manner

Buyers can lose attention and focus in a split second, so once you have their attention and they’ve asked you a question, you’d serve yourself best by responding as quickly as humanly possible. The longer you wait, the longer they have to browse for something else, or worse, change their mind completely. This can be very inconvenient as questions can arrive at any hour of the day, but it’s well worth responding quickly.

For An Easier Transaction, Sell Your Video Games To Neatstuff Collectibles

Yes, there are situations where selling on eBay may be worth the hassle. But if you want an easier transaction without sacrificing selling price or convenience, consider selling your video games to Neatstuff Collectibles!

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