Buying and selling collectibles used to be a very social thing to do. Then COVID-19 arrived and made the entire business community rethink everything.

Selling your collectibles in a time of social distancing isn’t impossible, but it can make things more difficult for a number of reasons. As long as you understand how to plan accordingly for the bumps along the road, you can still successfully sell your collectibles while safely social distancing.

Here’s how Neatstuff Collectibles recommends you go about selling your collectibles in a time of social distancing:

Opt To Sell Your Collectibles Online

This may seem obvious, but focus on selling your collectibles online as opposed to selling in person. Luckily, most brick-and-mortar collectibles stores you want to support are pivoting to be able to offer their services online, so you can still work with them while safely social distancing. Aside from your local collectibles stores that may be moving online, you still have the usual places to sell your collectibles online, including Facebook Marketplace and eBay as well to consider.

Be Aware Of How The Economy Is Affecting The Price Of Collectibles

Setting a price for a collectible is never easy. It’s even more difficult when the economy isn’t doing too well. We always mention how important it is to compare your collectibles with ones that have sold in the past in terms of condition, rarity and so on, but we also suggest comparing the time in which the last collectible sold compared to the present time. Did that last collectible sell during a recession or during economic expansion? This greatly affects pricing, and during times of social distancing this is very important to realize in order to set proper expectations.

Be Prepared To Over-Communicate All The Necessary Details

If you’re used to selling your collectibles in person, you may be used to having potential buyers review your collectibles with their own eyes and hands. During times of social distancing, that may not be possible, so you must be their eyes and hands and portray as much pertinent information as possible. Some of this information may not be what you’re used to. You’ll need to take pictures from all angles and all sides. You’ll need to describe the colors in detail. You’ll need to point out all small blemishes and other matters that may reduce your item’s condition. No detail is too small.

Or Make It Easy On Yourself And Sell Your Collectibles To Neatstuff Collectibles

If all this sounds a bit more time-consuming than usual, that’s because it is. But you could also just simply sell your collectibles to us at Neatstuff Collectibles and continue to get the same, fast, top-notch customer service as we’ve been delivering for years.

Ready to sell your collectibles to us? Give us a call at 800-326-7064 or fill out our seller inquiry form and someone will get the process kicked off for you!

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