We all love the Marvel Universe. Many of us undoubtedly own comic books from the Marvel Universe. But an often overlooked part of any well-rounded collection is the trading card segment.

Neat Stuff Collectibles is excited to announce the auction of a sought after box of Marvel Universe trading cards.

Please review the information below and check out the eBay auction for further details and pictures. If you’re interested in placing a bid on this auction, do so soon because the auction closes on Sunday!

Marvel Universe Series 1 Trading Cards

Condition: New, Factory Sealed, Unused, Unopened
Manufacturer: Impel
Character(s): Spider-Man and various other Marvel characters
Year Produced: 1990
Franchise: Marvel
Number of boxes: 1
Number of packs: 36

If you’re interested in placing a bid for this TMNT action figure collectible, please do so as soon as possible as this auction ends Sunday! Go To Auction >>

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