If you’re selling your collectibles, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make right out of the gate is where you’ll be selling them. This decision will determine the likelihood that you sell at a good price, or if you even find a buyer at all. It will determine how much work is involved on your part and it will determine how quickly you’ll get paid.

When taking all of this into account, selling your collectibles locally may or may not be the best decision for you. Here are some scenarios where selling your collectibles locally make not make the most sense:

Don’t Sell Locally If You Don’t Live In A Major Population Hub

If you don’t live in a densely populated area, you may have a harder time finding enough interest in your collectibles, regardless of if you sell to a local collectibles store or on your local online classifieds. Being able to find enough willing buyers, as well as “the right” buyer is pivotal in getting a fair selling price for your collectibles.

Don’t Sell Locally If You Don’t Have A Large Network Of Potential Buyers

If you don’t know many people who are interested in your collectible items, you may have a hard time finding a suitable buyer. This is because you may or may not know a willing buyer personally, but asking around within your network exponentially increases your chances. If you don’t have many other people to help spread the word about what you’re selling, it will be hard to find the right buyer.

Don’t Sell Locally If You’re Dealing With Very High Value Items

If you’re dealing with a very high value collectible, it’s best to not limit your buyers market to be local to you. This is for a number of reasons- First, not many people are priced out of the market for high priced collectibles, so you’ll almost always need to expand your geographical reach regardless of where you live. Second, it may not be the safest transaction to sell high value items without a middleman, whether that’s a broker-dealer or an auction house.

Don’t Sell Locally If You Don’t Have A Very Popular Collectibles Store Or Broker Nearby

If you don’t have a popular collectibles store nearby, you probably shouldn’t limit yourself geographically to selling your own collectibles locally. The main reason would be that the lack of a local collectibles store is a strong indicator that there just isn’t that much demand from buyers in your local market to warrant a store, so why would you try to fight against that trend when selling your own items? Second, utilizing the network that your local collectibles store already has in place will make your sales process easier, whether that means announcing your sale at one of their local in-person or online groups, or even selling to the store directly. But if this isn’t an option for you, you should go in a different direction.

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