It can be very overwhelming to sell your collectibles, especially if you have a lot. So many options to choose from!

The first choice is whether to sell your collectibles online or to sell them locally. There are pro’s and con’s to each, which we discuss further in that post, but many people ultimately decide to sell their collectibles locally simply because it’s a faster, easier transaction.

But even once you rule out selling your collectibles online, you still have plenty of varying options. Do you want to sell your collectibles on consignment? Do you just want to sell them for cash on the spot and call it a day?

While consignment does offer advantages, most people opt for selling their collectibles for cash on the spot.

So where are the best spots to sell your collectibles locally, either on consignment or for cash?

Local Collectibles Store

Your local collectibles store is the most obvious choice. Because they attract the right foot traffic to be able to turn around and sell your collectibles fast for a good price, they themselves will offer you a decent price to buy them. Just be sure you’re working with a trustworthy store!

Local Pawn Shop

Your local pawn shop is also another option. They may be best if you’re looking for a fast cash transaction and don’t necessarily care too much about getting the absolute best price possible.

Trade Show Or Expo

If you happen to be lucky enough to be trying to sell collectibles around the same time as a local collectibles trade show or expo, that event may be a great option. Walk around and see if there are any vendors actively looking to buy collectibles. If not, you may have to mingle, network and ask around to see if anyone knows any people or companies that would be interested in what you’re selling. Most expos are huge, so chances are you can find a good fit!

Local Meetup Group

Local meetups provide the same atmosphere as a trade show since they attract very niche crowds, but unlike trade shows they happen frequently. Simply check out and see if there are any local related meetups for you to attend. You may not even have to attend, you may be able to simply post your inquiry on their page, but ask permission first before doing that!

As always, even if you’re not local to Neatstuff Collectibles, our transactions are so fast and easy that it may seem like we’re local to you! Heck, we probably make it easier to sell your collectibles to us than to any of your local options! Give us a call at 800-326-7064 or submit a quick seller inquiry and let us show you how easy it is to sell your collectibles to us for top dollar and cash on the spot!

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