Whether you consider your collectibles a source of entertainment or a source of investment income — or even both! — deciding to sell is a big decision. But once that decision is made, there’s even more questions to ponder. How will you sell them? Where will you sell them? How much work are you willing to put in to sell them?

The answer to these questions determines whether its best for you and your circumstances to sell online or to sell locally. And there are pro’s and con’s of each.

Benefits Of Selling Collectibles Online

The main benefit of selling your collectibles online, such as on eBay, is the chance to reach more potential buyers than you otherwise would selling strictly locally. This increases your chances of getting in front of a buyer that would pay the highest price possible.

Cons To Selling Collectibles Online

In reality, it rarely works out this way– taking good pictures, describing the collectible properly, marketing the auction to the right people, setting the right reserve price and starting price and starting the auction on the right day are all things that need to be considered to take advantage of selling online. Even if you are an experienced eBay seller and you get all these things right, it takes a LOT of work to accomplish, usually more work than the benefit is worth.

Benefits Of Selling Collectibles Locally

Selling your collectibles locally to another collector or to a collectibles store gives you the chance to negotiate face-to-face for the best price. And since you can actually show the interested buyers what you’re selling, there’s less of a risk of portraying the collectibles incorrectly and much less of a time-commitment to go through the entire sales process from start to finish.

Cons To Selling Collectibles Locally

The downfall to selling your collectibles locally is the fact that your potential buyers are limited to your local area. This mean that you better hope there are willing buyers for your collectibles locally, otherwise you’ll be selling for under market value.

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