Are you interested in selling your Nintendo Switch for some cold hard cash? If so, your first question is probably, “how much can I sell it for?”

We’re going to answer that here as best we can!

What Are Video Game Consoles Usually Worth?

This unfortunately is not a straightforward answer. As with any collectible or video game console, it’s only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. We’re so sorry we can’t give you a specific answer!

What Is A Nintendo Switch Worth These Days?

Well, that’s a little more specific, so we can at least attempt to answer it. Thanks to the help of eBay’s Advanced Search, we can actually see what past completed auctions for Nintendo Switches sold for. Once you sort by the most recent, try to find some that are in a similar condition as yours. If those are recent auctions, that’s a pretty good baseline to expect in terms of what you could sell your Nintendo Switch for.

It Also Depends Where You’re Going To Sell The Nintendo Switch

Once you follow the easy method above, you’ll have a good baseline for what your Nintendo Switch is worth if you also sell it on eBay. But what if you sell it to your local video game retailer? What if you sell it to a large nationwide buyer like Neat Stuff Collectibles? That’s a bit more difficult to answer. The easiest thing to do is to call and find out. Most video game retailers need to be able to resell your Nintendo Switch at a nice profit, so they will have to offer a lower price than what you’ll find on eBay. If you sell to Neat Stuff Collectibles, you will get a great price and you won’t have to put in all the work to sell something on eBay – yes, it takes a LOT of work! – and you won’t have to pay the eBay fees.

Sell Your Nintendo Switch To Neat Stuff Collectibles – No Obligation!

Neat Stuff Collectibles is one of the largest buyers and sellers of collectibles, video games and video game consoles in the country because we pride ourselves on fast and easy customer service. When we’re presented with something we want to buy, we make all-cash top-dollar offers.

Ready to sell your Nintendo Switch to us? Give us a call at 800-326-7064 or fill out our very brief seller inquiry form and we can get the process started – absolutely no obligations!

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