Some collectors collect items to cherish for the rest of their lives and eventually pass down to their kids and their kids’ kids. Some collectors are solely in it for the money, and aim to see a nice appreciation on their collectibles before turning around and selling them for a profit– which is also completely fine. Whatever makes you happy! This article is for those looking to make a little (or a LOT) of money.

Whether you buy collectable items for your own personal happiness or to turn a profit, you need to make sure you are buying the items at the right price. However, when buying or selling collectibles, most people don’t know what they should do to buy or sell the desired items at the right price. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying or selling collectibles–

Make sure the collectibles are authentic

Warning: there are LOTS of fake collectibles in the market. If you see an offer for something at unbelievably cheap rates, there should be warning sirens going off in your head. But that doesn’t necessarily mean run for the hills, it simply means you need to understand the details and do your homework. For example, if you are checking out a vintage toy, then you need to make sure that it is what the auctioneer says it is; look for signs of date, a tag of the company and their logo.

Make sure you also see if the collectible item looks as old as it is claimed to be. It’s easier for comics and books, but for toys, movie or sports memorabilia, check for dates, logos or stamps that prove that the item is genuine. Obviously, a verifiable certificate would be the best bet here. Trust, but verify.

Understand the details of the collectibles

Knowledge Is Power. It is important to gather information and understand the details of the items you are looking to buy or sell.

For Buyers: If you want to purchase a particular item, then you should know its current desirability and rarities in order to estimate the potential increase in its value, and the prospects of the increase in its demand. If you intend to invest in collectible items, it is worth knowing whether or not the items are worth the investment in the first place.

For Sellers: Knowing the details of your collection will help promote sales and increase customers’ interest. This is important because the more you know about your collection, the more details you will be able to give to a potential customer to justify the price which you have set for a particular collection.

Collectibles market research

Both buyers and sellers of collectible items should know how important it is to know the conditions of the market before making an investment.

For Buyers: Investing in an item that is easily available in the market is probably not a good idea unless you want to sell it after 30 years or so. It is, therefore, a good idea to buy rare and vintage collectibles so you know you will have a one-of-a-kind item when you are ready to sell.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – you can also check out flea markets or second hand stores that sell valuable collectible items at extremely cheap rates because the shopkeepers don’t have the slightest idea of their collectible value. You can buy any piece you think is of good value and sell them to Neatstuff Collectibles or have them evaluated for free!

For Sellers: If you decided to sell your collection, then you need to do some research to estimate the value you may get by selling it. Search online, ask your local collectible items storeowner, or ask other collectors about the overall interest that a collection like yours may receive in the market. If you’re dealing with high-value items, getting an appraisal from a trusted source is always a good idea. Luckily, Neatstuff Collectibles comes to YOU to do the appraisal!

Timing Is Important

For Buyers: How is the market? Is the economy in a downturn? Are people looking to sell items? That’s what we call a buyer’s market.

For Sellers: If you have been collecting for years, then you should already have an idea of the increase and decrease in the values of collectible items in the market. The ideal strategy to get the best price for your collection would be to wait for the perfect time to introduce it to the market, preferably when no other similar collections are being sold. And when the economy is doing well and people are looking to buy collectibles, that’s what we call a seller’s market.

How to Make Money by Buying and Selling Collectibles

Know the Condition of Collectibles

The worth of ANY collectible item is directly proportional to its condition. Who would want to buy something that is in bad condition, knowing that the condition is going to worsen overtime?

For Buyers: Check whether the suggested price reflects the condition of the item. Also, consider whether buying an item in not-too-good condition just to complete your collection is worth it or not.

For Sellers: Knowing the conditions of the items in the collection will help you make an approximation of the price they may sell at. Some collectors haggle collections simply because of the few items in it that are not up to the mark. This is why you should sell your collection to NeatStuff Collectibles since they won’t pick out only the best items from your collections.

Where To Buy Collectibles at The Best Price?

Check out our eBay page! All our best collectibles go on there, and because it’s a public auction you know you’re getting the best price!

Where To Sell Your Collection at The Highest Price?

eBay takes a LOT of work and sometimes you may not attract the right buyers and you’ll end up selling your collectibles at a much lower rate than fair value. Instead, let us make it easy for you– simply sell your ENTIRE COLLECTION to us for top dollar! We are even willing to travel to your home to examine your collection. And if we like what we see and we both agree on a price, we will pay cash on the spot!

If you want to buy or sell your collectibles at the best possible price, then you have landed in the right place!


  1. Looking to sell entire 1980 collection of toys-have 18 Ninja turtle action figures, Construx army and military set with orange case, Musclemen, GI Joe footlocker, plastic, green; Transformers, Gobots soundwave, transformer trucks, 2; rolling thunder..1 rocker, GI Joe airplane stealth ghostrider. etc.

  2. I have a rather large collection of tearoom items…quality tea cups, tea pots, luncheon plates, flatware, water goblets, sugar and cream sets, tiered servers, serving utensils and table cloths and linen napkins. I would like to sell everything at one time rather than go the eBay route. Would you be interested in something like this?

  3. Snow village collection, approx 60 houses, post office, ice cream parlor, roller rink, plus figurines. Excellent condition, still have original boxes for all of them (dept 56). Many are retired & can’t buy at stores!

  4. Hi. I’m selling some of my old toys if interested let me know In packages and loose ones in good to excellent shape.

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