There’s nothing more nostalgic than vintage toys from another generation. So different from what we have today yet so familiar. If this piques your interest, then you should check out what we have up for auction right now.

Neat Stuff Collectibles is excited to announce the auction of a vintage toy from the 1960s, lightly used and still in its original box.

Vintage 1960s Sears Battery Operated Field Helicopter

Although this toy is no longer operating, it doesn’t appear to have been used much if at all. It still comes in its original box. This is about as unique and obscure as it gets when it comes to vintage collectible toys.

Made In: 1967
Manufacturer: Sears
Condition: Used (with original packaging)

Please check out the eBay auction link below for more information and to place a bid. If you’re interested in placing a bid for this item, act fast because the auction closes this Sunday!

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