Considering selling your antique toys and not sure how to find a buyer for them? No need to worry! There’s always a way to find a potential buyer for nearly every type of collectible out there, you just need to know where to look and how to present your offer to them.

Here are some tips from the experts at Neatstuff Collectibles on how to find a buyer for those antique toys of yours:

First, Know Where To Look

There are many places to sell your antique toys, so knowing the pro’s and con’s of each outlet will allow you to focus on your efforts in a more targeted way, increasing your odds of finding a buyer successfully. Some of these outlets are more passive, allowing the buyers to come to you, such as eBay and Craigslist. Other outlets require you to have more of a go-getter attitude in finding the buyers and presenting your offer, such as Facebook Marketplace, antique collectors clubs and auction houses.

Know What You’re Selling

In order for you to present your offer to a prospective buyer, you need to have a good idea of what you’re selling. This is especially important if the transaction is going to be happening over the internet, because you’ll need to provide images and a written description of your antique toys as if you’re the eyes and ears of the buyer since they cannot inspect your items themselves. If you ever have questions, it’s always appropriate to reach out to an expert antique buyer & seller such as Neatstuff Collectibles to better prepare you for the selling process, or even take over the selling process for you.

ABC…Always Be Selling!

Since we’re dealing with fun antique toys, it’s sometimes easy to forget you’re dealing with a sensitive financial transaction. The key word in selling antique toys is selling, so be sure to always be selling! Every touchpoint with a potential buyer is a chance for you to close the sale, so be sure to provide excellent customer service through quick response times, thorough information and upfront honesty. This will go a long way when it comes to sealing the deal.

Or Choose The Fast Track And Sell Directly To Neatstuff Collectibles!

Selling antique toys is no stroll in the park. If you don’t want to invest the time and energy into a successful transaction, your best bet is to reach out to us at Neatstuff Collectibles and sell your items to us!

We’re one of the largest buyers and sellers of antique collectibles in the USA because we pride ourselves on top-notch customer service. If you have something we’re interested in purchasing, we will make a top-dollar all-cash offer. Want to start the process of selling your antique toys to us? Give us a call at 800-326-7064 or fill out this seller form and we can get the process started!

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