So you want to sell your fine art collection for cash? Here are some quick tips to help you set your expectations, determine the right price and find the right place to sell.

Appraise Your Art’s Value

Before you sell your fine art, you should have a general idea of what similar pieces and collections sold for in the past. Can you find any completed auctions for art from the same artist in roughly the same condition and style? That would be a great place to start since the value of a piece can vary significantly between artists.

Understand Options On Where To Sell For Cash

If you want to sell your art for cash, you should first look at places you can sell your art fast because they are most likely interested in paying cash as opposed to on consignment or some other form of compensation. This would include places like pawn shops or local antique stores. You could also attend local flea markets and see if you can find a vendor selling art willing to make you a cash offer for what you have to sell. Unfortunately, places like this usually aren’t where you’ll get the most for your art.

…Or Just Sell To Neatstuff!

As you can see, there’s usually a serious trade-off between getting the best price for your art and selling your art in a fast cash transaction. You usually have to choose one or the other.

But that’s not case when you sell your art to Neatstuff Collectibles. We spend millions each year buying art, we pay cash and we pride ourselves in providing a fast, easy transaction for everyone. Top prices and fast transactions, best of both worlds!

Want to see what we’d offer you for your fine art? Give us a call at 800-326-7064 or fill out our seller inquiry form!

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