Ever wonder what your Magic Cards are worth? Calculating the worth of Magic Cards is not an exact science, but getting to at least an educated guess is helpful if you’re considering selling them.

Here are our suggestions on coming to a reasonably accurate idea of how much your Magic Cards are worth today:

Determine Their Condition

The first and the easiest thing you should do to determine how much your Magic Cards are worth is to gauge their condition. Hope you’ve been storing them properly. Are the edges crisp or are they fraying and imperfect? Are the colors fading or are they still sharp? These are all variables that need to be considered.

Decide Where You Plan On Selling Them

Your Magic Cards are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. Therefore if you can get them in front of the right buyers, you can probably sell them for more. If you don’t get them in front of the right buyers, you might not get as much money as you want for them. For instance, selling to a pawn shop will not yield a high price. Selling them directly to an interested buyer will yield a fair price.

Compare Similar Listings

One of the best ways to determine an accurate and realistic valuation for your Magic Cards is to see what similar collections sold for. Luckily, the eBay advanced search makes this easy, allowing you to limit your search results to only completed auctions.

Estimate Value

Once you have all the above information gathered, you can take them all into consideration and get to a reasonable price of what your Magic Cards are worth and what a realistic selling price for them would be. It’s best to start with similar collections and then adjust for quality if yours are better or worse, and then adjust for where you plan on selling them.


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