Best Place To Sell Pokemon Cards In New York

Best Place To Sell Pokemon Cards In New York

If you were alive in the 1990s, chances are you owned Pokemon Cards. You may still own them today. And thanks to the rise of Pokemon Go, the interested in Pokemon Cards has increased yet again.

Interested in selling your Pokemon Cards? You’re in luck, there are plenty of places to sell them, especially in the New York area.


Craigslist can be a hit-or-miss place to sell anything online. It’s purely dependent on how many interested people are searching for what you’re selling. The great thing about living in New York is that you’re in one of the most densely populated areas in the world, so finding interested buyers close by is never a problem. Craigslist is free and popular. Just be careful of in-person meetings, as buyers usually want to inspect things before purchasing.

Local Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are not necessarily the best place to sell your collectibles, but they definitely serve their purpose– fast, quick, all-cash transactions. The only problem is that they will only buy things for way less than their true value. But if you need cash fast and just want to finalize the sale as fast as possible, a pawn shop may be a good option.

Neatstuff Collectibles

To get the best of both worlds, sell your Pokemon Cards to Neatstuff Collectibles. We make top-dollar all-cash offers on the spot for collections we’re interested in. Get the speed of a pawn shop with the value of selling online. Best of all, we will travel to you if we like what you have!


If you’re selling your Pokemon Cards in New York, look no further than Neatstuff Collectibles. Interested in reaching out to us? Give us a call at 800-326-7064 or fill out our seller inquiry form and we will get the process started!