Interested in selling your Magic Cards and live in New York? You’re in luck. Where you sell collectibles is a huge factor in how much you’ll get paid, and thanks to New York’s strong economy and dense population, you have plenty of options to find the best place that suits you without sacrificing top-dollar offers.

If you live in New York and are interested in selling your Magic Cards, we suggest you consider these places:


Craigslist is nice because there are no fees involved. However, the success rate with Craigslist depends directly on how populated your area is, since Craigslist is essentially a local classified ads section. Since New York is so populated, you can usually find multiple buyers for almost anything with Craigslist– you’ll have no problem selling Magic Cards on Craigslist in New York. The two things you must be aware of though is to finalize the transaction in person carefully and safely, and also be prepared to bargain for the best price possible.

Local Collectibles Store

Local collectible stores are also great places to sell your Magic Cards. The best part about selling your Magic Cards to collectibles stores is that it’s a safe all-cash transaction that can be done fast and on-the-spot. The big question with planning to sell to local collectibles stores is if there is even one close by, but with such a populated place like New York, you should have multiple options. The one thing you should be aware of though is these collectibles stores will need to buy at a low enough price so they can resell it to make a profit, so unless you find a great collectibles store you may not get the best price possible for your Magic Cards.

Neatstuff Collectibles

If you want the best of both worlds — selling for the best price possible but also having a smooth, fast and easy transaction — look no further than Neatstuff Collectibles, located in Middletown, NY. We’d love to buy your Magic Cards from you!

We buy and sell millions of dollars worth of collectibles each and every year because we offer outstanding customer service and offer absolute top-dollar all-cash offers. Give us a call at 800-326-7064 or fill out this seller form and we will get the process rolling!

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