Movie props are some of the coolest and most desirable type of collectible items. Many of them are at the center of iconic American history.

If you’re lucky enough to be in possession of some movie props and you’ve already estimated their value, you may be interested in selling the for cold hard cash.

Here are some places we recommend you consider selling to if you’re interested in selling your movie props for cash:

Local Collectibles Store

One of the fastest and easiest ways to sell your movie props is to sell them to your local collectibles store because they will most likely offer you a cash payment on the spot. However, depending on their size and location, they may not be able to pay you as much as you hoped to get for them. That’s the general give-and-take with deciding where to sell your collectibles.


Another way to sell your collectibles for cash locally is to list them on your local Craigslist board. Unfortunately this may only be a good option for people that live in densely populated area because there’s a higher chance you’ll find a willing buyer to pay a good price. Just be sure to take the proper precautions when meeting someone to sell your items to!

Local Collectors

If you’re lucky enough to be a part of a local collectors group, you can ping your network to see if there are any willing buyers for your movie props. Luckily, movie props can appeal beyond just collectors since they have such strong cultural significance, so it could also be worthwhile to letting your family and friends know you’re looking for a buyer.

Your Best Option: Neat Stuff Collectibles

Regardless of where you’re located, selling to Neat Stuff Collectibles is like selling to your local collectibles store, which gives you the benefit of selling your items in a fast, all-cash transaction. On top of that, we are the leading buyer and seller because people know we value customer service and make top-dollar offers.

If you’re interested in selling your movie props, we’d love to hear from you and potentially make an offer on what you have! Please fill out this seller inquiry form or call us at 800-326-7064 and someone can help you out immediately!

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