If one of your favorite parts of collecting comics is combing through thousands and thousands of comics to find those hidden gems, wow do we have the auction for you!

Bulk Lot of 7000+ DC Comics (New & Sealed Distribution Cases)

We’re excited to offer this massive lot of 50 cases of various DC comics. In total this lot contains approximately 7000 comic books, all of which are new and sealed. With very few exceptions, these books are NM/M condition.

Due to the size of this lot, we’re offering free local pickup in Middletown NY -or- delivery within 100 miles of us. Outside of that, we’ll arrange for a freight shipment to the destination of your choice and provide quotes, however you’d be responsible for the cost.
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The lot includes the following comic books:
Justice League 56
Catwoman 25 junggeun variant
Batman 101 direct
Detective comics lee bermejo variant
Batman 95 joker war 1:25 variant
Batman Superman 11
Batman 95 mattina variant
Batman 99 Martina variant
Dark nights death metal 3
Rorschach 1
Dceased dead planet 1
Teen titans 46
Superman 24
Batman’s grave 10
Detective comics 1027 joker war Batman and robin variant
Detective comics 1026
Nightwing 73
Batman 3 jokers 3
Tales from the dark multiverse Batman hush 1
Action comics 1024
Batman 94 mattina variant
Batman 3 jokers 1 Jason fabok variant
Dark nights death metal 4
Batman white knight presents Harley Quinn
Catwoman 25
Detective comics 1027 joker war Batman Nightwing
Green lantern season 2 7
Batman 3 joker’s direct
Batman 97 joker war
Dark nights death metal rise of the new god
Batman 3 jokers 2 premium variant
Batman 3 jokers 3 Jason fabok variant
Dark nights death metal multiverses end 1
Catwoman 26
Flash 761
Wonder Woman 1984 1
Justice league 54
Justice league 55
Batman 100 joker war
Batman 97 mattina variant
Batman 98 joker war
Nightwing 75
Batman’s grave 9
Dark nights death metal robin king 1
Wonder Woman 762
Batman 101
Wonder Woman 762 middleton variant
Batman’s grave 10 adams variant
Batman 3 jokers 2 premium variant
Dark nights death metal guidebook 1
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