Full run comic lots are fantastic additions to any collection. When that full run also contains iconic issues from a loved Marvel series like Spider-Man, you’ve got a winning combination!

And to make it even better, these two individual full runs create an even larger straight run together!

Without further adieu:

Amazing Spider-Man #28-100 Full Run Lot

First up we have a straight run of Amazing Spider-Man from Issues 28 through Issue 100. The approximate grade for these books are VG and we have all of them photographed and boarded. This is a rare and valuable find.

Some key issues in this lot include:
#28 (1st Molten Man)
#31 (1st Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn & Professor Warren)
#37 (1st Norman Osborn)
#38 (2nd Brief Mary Jane)
#39 (Green Goblin revealed as Norman Osborn)
#40 (Origin Green Goblin)
#41 (1st Rhino)
#42 (3rd Mary Jane, 1st time face shown)
#46 (1st Shocker)
#50 (1st Kingpin)
#51 (1st Kingpin Cover)
#56 (1st Captain George Stacy)
#62 (Classic Medusa Cover)
#78 (1st Prowler)
#79 (2nd Prowler)
#83 (1st Schemer & Vanessa)
#86 (1st New Black Widow)
#90 (Death of Captain Stacy)
#96 (Green Goblin Cover/Story, Drug Books no CCA)
#97 (Green Goblin Cover/Story, Drug Books no CCA)
#98 (Green Goblin Cover/Story, Drug Books no CCA)
#100 (Anniversary Issue)
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Amazing Spider-Man #101-193 Full Run Lot

Next up we have a straight run lot of Amazing Spider-Man from issue 101 through issue 193. These books are in great condition- the first 40 are approximately F/VF, but the remaining 53 books are NM+ with many of them being NM/M. All 93 books are bagged, boarded and photographed.

Some key issues in this lot include:
#101 (1st Morbius)
#102 (Morbius Origin)
#113 (1st Hammerhead)
#119 (vs Hulk)
#120 (vs Hulk)
#121 (Death of Gwen Stacy)
#122 (Death of Green Goblin)
#124 (1st Man-Wolf)
#126 (1st Mention Harry Osborn Green Goblin)
#129 (1st Punisher)
#134 (1st Taratula)
#135 (2nd Punisher)
#136 (1st Harry Osborn Green Goblin)
#149 (1st Ben Reilly)
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Be sure to bid soon if you’re interested in either or both of these lots because everything closes this Sunday!

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