Antiques are very tough to place a value on because they are ultimately worth what someone else is willing to pay for them. This especially goes for toys, which vary so much in terms of quality and rarity.

Here’s our guide on how to determine the value of an antique toy:

First, See What Similar Antique Toys Sold For

The surest way to try and determine where the market is for your antique toys is to see what similar items sold for. Luckily, eBay’s advanced search makes that extremely easy to do. Simply use their search and filter for “completed listings” and see what similar items sold for. Take note of how recently it was, as well as differences between your items and the listed items.

Then, Adjust Based On Quality Of Your Specific Items

Once you’ve identified similar items that sold recently, you can start estimating a value from that baseline price. The biggest variables that will affect your specific antique toy’s pricing is its quality and rarity compared to the other similar items. For example, if your item is in better condition than what sold on eBay, a buyer is probably willing to pay more for yours so you can adjust that baseline price up a bit, and visa versa. Same thing with rarity– if your item is a more limited edition, you can adjust the value up as well.

Then Adjust Price Based On Where You’re Selling It

Where you sell your antique toys can also significantly affect how much you can sell your items for compared to its estimated intrinsic value, which you estimated in the above steps. In general, the more potential buyers a reseller can sell to, the higher price they’ll pay you for your items. For example, if you live in a sparsely populated area, your local collectibles store or pawn shop will probably not be able to pay too much for your items, but on the plus side you’d be able to sell your antiques fast. If you sell on eBay, where the marketplace is jam-packed with potential buyers of nearly everything, you can expect to sell at or above your estimated value. The problem with many of these high-trafficked marketplaces is it takes a lot of time, effort and luck to sell something successfully.

Consider Selling To Neat Stuff Collectibles

After determining the value of your antique toys, if you’d like to sell them, consider selling to us at Neat Stuff Collectibles! We are the leading buyer and seller of collectible items because we make the transaction as easy as possible for you. If we like what you have, we will even travel to you and consider making an all-cash top-dollar offer on the spot!

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