Selling your valued collectibles is never easy. Maybe you’ve developed an emotional attachment to them. Maybe you’re unsure of how to go about selling them. Maybe you’re not sure how much your collectibles are worth?

Yes, it can be a daunting process to sell your collectibles. But all of those worries and frustrations go away when you sell in the right place.

Selling Collectibles Online Vs Selling Collectibles Locally

Selling your collectibles online is nice and it definitely has it’s benefits, but there’s nothing like selling your prized possessions face-to-face, especially if you have strong emotional connections to them. Selling face-to-face is a way to ensure that you’re getting a good deal and that you know your collectibles are in good hands.

Best Place To Sell Collectibles In New York

So if you live in New York and you want to sell your collectibles, what are your options? Sure we may be biased, but we believe Neatstuff Collectibles is by far the best option. After all, there’s a reason we buy-and-sell millions of dollars worth of collectibles each year– we pride ourselves on a customer-first approach and we make all-cash offers on the spot.

How To Sell To Neatstuff Collectibles

Selling your collectibles to us is very easy. The first step is to reach out and let us know what you’re interested in selling. You can either call us at 800-326-7064 or fill out our seller inquiry form with the necessary information and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Once we learn more about what you’re selling, we may even choose to travel to you to inspect the collection, at which point if we like what we see we usually make an all-cash offer on the spot!

If you currently live in New York (or even if you don’t!) and are interested in selling your collectibles, please reach out to us and let’s see if we can make an offer you can’t refuse!

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