Do you want to sell your video games for the best price possible? Who doesn’t!

Selling video games for the highest price possible typically means that you’ll have to sacrifice on other aspects of the transaction, such as speed and ease.

Here are some tips from Neatstuff Collectibles to help you get the best price possible for your video games without sacrificing too much of the rest!

Choose Where To Sell Wisely

If the most important thing you’d like to get out of the sale of our video games is simply getting the highest price possible, then choosing where to sell in the single most important decision you’ll make. For instance, if you decide to sell your video games at a local video game store or pawn shop, chances are you’re not going to get the price you were looking for. However most people are alright with that trade off because this is also the easiest and quickest option. Instead, if you want to yield the highest selling price possible, you need to sell your video games directly to the next owner through websites such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace. Selling here will give you the best shot at a high selling price.

Put In The Work To Sell Them Properly

If selling on eBay and Facebook gives you the best shot at a high selling price, why would anyone *not* sell there? Well, just because you put an item up for sale doesn’t mean the buyers will automatically flock to it and make offers. It takes a lot of work to execute a successful sale on eBay and Facebook Marketplace- you need to take a LOT of good pictures, write detailed descriptions and be ready to answer questions from prospective buyers in a timely manner. After all, you need to be the potential buyers’ eyes and ears since you’ll most likely be selling to someone not geographically close to you. This takes a lot of work!

Be Patient And Wait For The Right Buyer

Even after you invest the time to put together a stellar listing on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, you need to be patient and wait for the right buyer. When someone comes along and asks a question, answer it promptly- you never know how long you’ll have a potential buyer’s attention for! When selling anything, especially in an auction format, the more buyers you have the higher the final price will be- so be patient and trust the process!

Or, Sell Directly To Neatstuff Collectibles For The Best Of Both Worlds!

Does all of this sound like a lot of work? That’s because it is! If you’d like to find a happy medium where you don’t need to sacrifice speed and ease to get a high selling price, look no further than Neatstuff Collectibles! We pride ourselves on making top-dollar all-cash offers on items we want to buy.

Ready to sell your video games to us? Give us a call now at 800-326-7064 or fill out our seller inquiry form and someone will get the process started for you!

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