Do you have some video games you’re trying to get rid of? Or maybe you didn’t realize you had some video games to get rid of until reading this article? Either way, most people who quickly decide to sell their video games simply turn to eBay without thinking of other options.

However, people typically underestimate how much time, effort and luck it takes to sell something on eBay. And even if your items sell, after the fees and sunk time, was it even worth it?

Luckily there’s a newer place to sell your video games- Facebook Marketplace. While Facebook Marketplace still does take time, effort and a little luck, it can sometimes provide a better selling experience given the circumstances. Here are our tips for selling your video games on Facebook Marketplace:

First, Take A *LOT* Of Pictures

People are hesitant to part with their money unless they know exactly what they’re paying for. Selling over the internet means you need to overcome this roadblock by providing as many pictures as possible. There’s no such thing as too many pictures when selling online, so put your potential buyers’ minds at ease and snap as many pictures as possible of your video games before listing them on Facebook Marketplace.

Next, Write A Very Detailed Description Of Your Games

The next most time-consuming part of listing video games for sale on Facebook Marketplace is writing the description. Again, there’s no such thing as too much information here. A well-organized, well-written and thorough description of your video games for sale will attract more buyers and ultimately lead to selling your video games for the most cash possible.

Then, Post Your Listing And Share It

Once you have all your images and item details organized, the listing process can be completed quickly and easily. One of the best parts of Facebook Marketplace is that it lives on top of one of the most heavily trafficked social media networks in the world, so share your listing on your personal Facebook profile to help spread the word and ensure as many potential buyers see your listing. This is very important because unlike eBay, Facebook Marketplace is simply a classifieds listing and not an auction, so getting in front of as many buyers as possible is important to get the best selling price possible.

Answer Questions From Potential Buyers In A Timely Manner

Once you have a buyer’s attention and they ask you a question, don’t lose their attention by waiting too long to respond to them. The best part about this is that Facebook Messenger is available on computer and mobile, so you’ll always have easy access to messages to be able to respond as quickly as possible.

Hope Your Video Games Sell!

Once your listing is live and you start fielding questions from potential buyers, keep your fingers crossed and hope you get offers! There’s not much more you can do here besides sit and wait for the process to play out.

Stay Safe And Protect Yourself

If you’re lucky enough to get an offer you’d like to accept, please remember to protect yourself physically and financially. Don’t ship out your video games until you receive full payment. Don’t meet strangers alone. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Just stay safe!

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