If you’ve ever thought about selling your collectible action figures, a few places may have come to mind. Maybe a garage sale? Maybe drive down to the local collectibles store and see what they’re willing to pay? Maybe sell them online?

It could be overwhelming when considering all the options. Let us help you go over your options!

Here are the places you could sell your collectible action figures and what you should consider for each:

Local Collectibles Store

If you’re lucky enough to have a local collectibles store close by, they may be willing to take those action figures off your hands immediately. The problem with most local collectibles stores is that they cannot offer too high of a price because they have a lot of overhead to pay for and they may not have that large of a potential audience to resell them to. So while this may be a quick and easy option, you shouldn’t expect to get a good price for your action figures.


On the other end of the spectrum, you have the option to sell your action figures on eBay. Unlike selling to a local store, selling on eBay takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and even after all that you’re still not guaranteed a sale. Between taking pictures, filling out information, writing detailed descriptions and answering questions, many people just don’t want to put in this much time to sell their action figures. But because eBay has such a wide audience of potential buyers, you can usually get a decent price if you get lucky.

Garage Sale

Similar like selling to a collectibles store, setting up and selling at a garage sale is quick and easy and would result in an all-cash transaction, but you limit yourself on potential buyers based on your geography. It’s a continual balancing act between time, effort and selling price that only you can answer for yourself.

Neatstuff Collectibles

To get the best of both worlds, consider selling your action figures to us at Neatstuff Collectibles. We are a collectibles store in New York that does business worldwide. If you are not local to us but we’d like to you work with you and you’d like to work with us, we will travel to you and make an all-cash top-dollar offer on the spot. People continually come back to us because we make it so easy, so stress-free and offer the best prices.

Interested in selling your collectible action figures to us? Give us a call at 800-326-7064 or fill out our seller inquiry form and someone will help you out!

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  1. When I used to be a kid, I had so many action figures. I was just going through my old stuff and found 100s of collectible action figure. But the problem is I don’t like them anymore. Your article has made it easy for me to sell them and recover some cash from them. Thanks a lot.

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