World Wrestling Entertainment, currently known as WWE and formerly known as WWF, has been around since 1980 and has built up quite a fanbase. Over the years, many WWE toys were developed and sold– action figures, board games, etc.

If you are the lucky owner of vintage or rare WWE toys, you may have considered selling them. Here are our suggestions on the best places to sell your WWF and WWE toys:

Selling Your WWE & WWF Toys On eBay

Selling on eBay makes a lot of sense to most people at first glance- lots of potential buyers, comparable sales to determine a fair price, etc. What most people don’t see is how much time and effort it takes to sell successfully on eBay. Between taking pictures, writing descriptions, answering questions and waiting, it could be weeks before you get paid if you even find buyers at all. This problem is compounded if you have a large collection because you must catalog everything.

Selling Your WWE & WWF Toys On Craigslist

Another option is selling on Craigslist. Selling on Craigslist takes about just as much work as eBay, except they get less traffic so it may be a bit harder to find a seller, especially in less populated areas. Most transactions are finalized in cash in person, so there’s also that time commitment.

Selling Your WWE & WWF Toys To Your Local Pawn Shop

Selling your WWE and WWF toys to a local pawn shop is the fastest and quickest way to sell your toys for cash, however don’t expect anything close to fair market value. If you’re in a really quick bind and need cash fast, this can be an option, but other than that, we’d suggest you look elsewhere to sell your toys.

Selling Your WWE & WWF Toys To Neatstuff Collectibles

For the best of both worlds, consider selling your WWE and WWF toys to us at Neatstuff Collectibles. We will buy your antique toys for top-dollar and make all-cash offers. We can finalize the transaction faster than if you sold on eBay and offer more money than you’d receive elsewhere.

Interested in selling your WWE or WWF toys to us now? Give us a call at 800-326-7064 or fill out our seller inquiry form and someone will help you out immediately!

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