If you’re like most people who lived through the 90s, you probably have a collection of Pokemon cards hidden away in your closet that you find every couple of years. And every time you come across them, you think to yourself, “I’ll let them sit a few more years and then sell them”, thinking they will appreciate in value if you just hold on a little longer.

However now they’ve been there for about two decades. Want to know if that collection of Pokemon cards you’ve been sitting on has finally appreciated in value to a point where you’d be interested in selling them? Here’s how you can tell-

First, Map Out Your Collection

Determining the value of any collectible is notoriously difficult because there’s no exact science to it. But the obvious first step is to itemize your collection to determine exactly what it contains. We know this could take a lot of work, especially for very large collections, but the more granular you can get with the details, the more specific you can get with an estimated valuation and the better your payout will be should you decide to sell. For example, how many total cards are there? What’s the breakdown of evolutions? What’s the breakdown of types? Are there any particularly rare Pokemon cards in your collection?

Then Try To Find Comparable Collections That Have Sold In The Past

Using eBay’s Advanced Search function, it’s easy to quickly find completed auctions of Pokemon card collections that have sold in any given period of time with any specific keywords. Using this feature, you can quickly see how much similarly sized collections have sold for, or collections with similar specifications have sold for. Since the value of any collectible is simply what someone else would be willing to pay for it, getting this sort of real world data can give you a great idea of what your collection is worth today.

Have Your Cards Diminished In Condition?

The other big factor that will determine if your Pokemon cards have appreciated in value is their condition. As any sort of playing card gets older, they naturally tend to deteriorate- their colors fade, their edges get less crisp and they get other signs of wear-and-tear. The more the condition has deteriorated, the less value they will have retained. So hopefully you stored those Pokemon cards properly!

You Can Also Ask An Expert At Neat Stuff Collectibles

Yes, that’s a lot of work to determine if your Pokemon cards have appreciated in value. Want a faster way? SImply give us a call at Neat Stuff Collectibles and we will be able to quickly and easily help you out.

Better yet, if you like the valuation we estimate, if you want to sell and if we want to buy them, we’ll make a top-dollar all-cash offer for you to consider. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Want to speak with us about your Pokemon card collection? Simply give us a call at 800-326-7064 or fill out our seller inquiry form and someone will be able to assist you.

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