There’s a fine balancing act between enjoying Pokemon cards and preserving their quality, condition and value. But with the right storage techniques, you can ensure that your cards will retain their quality and value while stored away, giving you more peace of mind and freedom when you’re playing with them.

Here are our tips to properly store your Pokemon cards to help preserve their value:

Catalog How Many You Have

First determine how many cards you have. This will help you calculate how much space and storage items you’re going to need. Going through this process will also help you determine if there are any cards you don’t want, which at that point you can turn around and sell those Pokemon cards and hold onto the rest.

Purchase Binders and Card Sheets

Once you determine which cards you’ll be keeping, you need to make sure you have a secure place to hold them. We like keeping Pokemon cards in card sleeves within binders. Card sleeves are extremely affordable, so no matter how many cards you have, getting sleeves to hold everything shouldn’t break the bank. Once the cards are in sleeves, we suggest keeping those sleeves in hard-cover binders for the best protection.

Store Them Away From Temperature Changes And Water Damage Risk

Keeping cards in sleeves in a hard-cover binder will protect them just fine, as they’re protected from light and direct air contact, which would be the two elements that could do the most damage over long periods of time. At this point, the only other things you’d have to worry about would be wild temperature swings and water damage risk. Luckily, these things usually occur in the same spots — garages, attics, basements, sheds and exterior facing closets. Avoid storing your binders of Pokemon cards in these locations and you should be fine. If you absolutely have to store them in these locations, keep them in an air-tight and water-tight container to help mitigate the effects.

When You’re Ready To Sell, Call Us At Neatstuff Collectibles!

If you’re taking this much care in preserving the quality of your Pokemon cards, you’re probably thinking of selling them eventually. Why wait? We here at Neatstuff Collectibles buy and sell millions of dollars worth of collectibles each year and we’d love to make an offer on your Pokemon cards now! If you’re interested in hearing what we’d offer for your specific collection, please give us a call at 800-326-7064 or fill out this seller form and someone can help assist you.

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