If you’ve lived through the late 90s, chances are you may still have a collection of Pokemon cards from back in the day! Maybe you hid them in a closet and forgot about them. Or maybe you meticulously collected them and stored them away for all these years patiently waiting for them to appreciate in value.

No matter how you amassed your Pokemon card collection, you’re probably wondering just like everyone else how much they’re worth.

Well, just like valuing any collectible, it’s not such a straightforward question. However, here are some tips to help gauge the value of your Pokemon card collection so you can better decide what you’d like to do with them. If you do end up wanting to sell your Pokemon cards, sell them quickly and easily to us by filling out this form or giving us a call at 800-326-7064!

Take An Audit Of What Your Collection Contains

First, you can’t determine the value of any collection until you have a good idea of what the collection contains. Roughly how many Pokemon cards are in your collection? Do you have any very valuable cards that would be considered “highly sought after”? Have you organized your Pokemon cards in a certain way that can help a potential buyer breakdown what the collection contains? The larger your Pokemon card collection is, the harder this will be, but also potentially more lucrative for you too.

Determine The Card’s Overall Condition

A major factor in any collectible’s value is their condition, and this certainly applies to Pokemon cards. Hopefully you’ve stored your Pokemon cards properly in card sleeves over all these years, which would’ve protected them from sunlight, dust, temperature changes and moisture. A potential buyer is not only going to want to see pictures of the fine details, but they will want to know in writing if there’s any noticeable wear-and-tear on any cards, especially the more valuable ones.

Determine What Other Similar Collections Sold For

Once you have an idea of what your Pokemon Card collection contains and what condition it’s in, now you need to do what’s called a competitive comparison. This is when you take real world data of what other similar collections have sold for and base your valuation off of that. After all, a collectible is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it- there’s no set calculation. This is the best way to start with a baseline valuation. From here, you adjust based on your own collection’s details. If your cards are in better condition, your collection is worth more, and visa versa. If your collection contains more sought after cards, your collection is worth more (potentially way more!), so adjust accordingly.

Decide If You Want To Sell And Why

Even coming this far, you’re only going to have a rough idea of what your collection is worth. From here, you should decide why you’re selling. The reason you need to determine this is because deciding where you’re selling your Pokemon cards can have a big impact on how close the selling price will be to the fair value, how quickly the transaction will close and how much effort it will take on your part. For example, if you want the best price possible regardless of how much work it will take, you should consider selling your Pokemon cards online. But if you just want to sell your Pokemon cards for fast cash, then there are much different options to consider.

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