A Pokemon card’s condition will be a major factor in determining the value of a Pokemon Card. Whether you’re collecting, buying or selling your Pokemon cards, you should understand what goes into determining the condition and what your cards’ current condition is.

All things considered, if you have two identical cards and one is a higher rated condition than the other, it will be worth more, plain and simple. However, just because a card isn’t Mint or Near Mint doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. After all, there are some extremely rare Pokemon cards out there over nearly two decades old floating around out in the world. Yes, some may be in perfect condition, but even the ones that aren’t in perfect condition are still very rare and sought after, which means they will naturally have a high intrinsic value as well, just maybe not as high as the ones in better condition.

Below are some general guidelines on how Pokemon Cards are rated, from best condition and therefore highest relative value, to worst condition and lowest relative value:

Mint & Near Mint – Very little if any damage or scuffs, aka New or Essentially New.

This condition rating isn’t taken lightly as it’s the most sought after and therefore the most scrutinized of all conditions. It’s usually achieved by storing the Pokemon card properly from the very beginning. With the naked eye they will look and feel brand new. The caveat here is with foil cards, as they are technically allowed to have very minor imperfection as that will inevitably occur even with perfect handling and storage.

Good & Lightly Played – Very little noticeable damage or imperfections. Few if any scuffs.

Cards that don’t quite meet the requirements for Mint & Near Mint will fall into this category. They still don’t have any seriously noticeable wear-and-tear, but if you look closely there will be small wear along the edges, clouding of the print or light scratches on the face of the card.

Moderately Played – Noticeable scuff marks, frayed edges and/or faded print but no tears or any other serious damage.

In this rating we start seeing noticeable wear-and-tear along the edges and scratches on the surface, although nothing that damages the card in a structural way.

Damaged & Heavily Played – Obvious damage in the form of tears, fading, deep scratches, worn edges.

This category includes cards that are structurally damaged that would make them difficult to play with or hold. You may see creases, bends, water damage, or deep fading of the colors.

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