The Transformers comic universe has enough epic events, deaths, resurrections, and rebounds between bunches of parallel timelines and intersecting universes to give even the X-Men a run for their money. Especially when you consider how robots think “firing energy blasts” isn’t a bizarre mutation, but a default setting. Which is why the best bits of the series are the bot-on-bot sequences, and that’s why the upcoming Dark Cybertron series is exciting. It’s not just the collision of Autobot and Decepticon, but of two entire comic series.

In November the ongoing “More Than Meets The Eye” and “Robots in Disguise” series will intersect, and it makes much more sense than most crossover events. We don’t need any timewarps or parallel dimensions, because “More Than Meets The Eye” followed the adventures of Rodimus Prime and colleagues as they explored space, and now they’re back to see how much of a mess “Robots in Disguise” as it stayed on Cybertron. And since Starscream is now in charge of the entire planet, that’s a significant amount of mess. And a near maximal amount of self-satisfied screeching from everyone’s favorite Worst Leader Ever.

That would be interesting enough, but a crisis caused by Shockwave’s secret plans and the return of a race of immense Titan robots guarantees that this won’t be solved calmly over a nice cup of Energon. Dark Cybertron will run for 12 issues, and end with more series than it started with. Whatever else happens, we know that another ongoing series will be launched out of whatever smoking ruins remain at the end of this transformational year.

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