Dynamite Entertainment are pushing the latest Red Sonja series on the grounds that it’s wonderful and everyone should read it. It’s hard to argue with logic like that – especially when they’re right. So right that they’re letting anyone try the first issue for free. This might be affected by how it’s already completely sold out. They’ve literally made as much money as they possible could by printing it, so now they’re thinking they might as well invest in the future by attracting the few unknowing souls who still haven’t seen the Hyrkanian warrior in action.


The driving force behind this success is doubtless Gail Simone, character-writer par excellence. She neither ignores nor surrenders to the more ridiculously biased aspects of Sonja’s history. Instead she creates a new warrior actually empowered in all the ways her historical foundation claimed to be. The result is entertaining, exciting, hilarious, and beautiful. And the first issue is free. You could go refresh another site you’ve already clicked or read this right now.

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