DC’s animated universe is making the leap into the New 52 with a trailer for Justice League: War, following the comics into a bold new world of exactly the same characters, but a bit different this time! These differences are a checklist of everything an editorial board thinks makes things modern: the heroes have lost the ability to create costumes without visible reinforced stitches, use bright colors without rolling them in grit and shadow, or ever not be dicks to each other.

Smirking Superman is never a good thing

The idea of a superhero team with interpersonal conflicts has great story potential – that’s why Marvel made millions by doing it over half a century ago – so it’s lucky that Darkseid came along to allegedly invade Earth but mainly to force the heroes to work together. Layered over this is the most mandatorily modern thing applied to any movie trailer, a heavy application of Saints Row IV’s dubstep gun. Because you know you’re being cool when you’re doing the same thing as everyone else.

Joking aside, the movie looks like an enormous amount of fun. You’ve got Superman and Shazam in the same movie, Cyborg elevated to the big leagues, Wonder Woman kicking all kinds of ass, and most importantly, the trailer shows several heroes making fun of Batman for not having any powers. So now we know he’s going to embarrass them all by badassedly saving the day.

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